5 Bizarre Restaurants To Try In Toronto

Are you in Toronto looking out for a new place to hang out and dine? Are you tired of the usual restaurants and food they serve? No fret! Toronto has exactly what you are searching for. The city has some of the most unusual places to dine in. So unusual that these will blow your mind. Here are 5 of Toronto’s bizarre restaurants for you to try.

360 Restaurant

If you are into dining with a view, this is a must-try. At more than 350 meters (1,150 feet) above, you will have the best view of Toronto City. This restaurant is located on top of CN Tower and serves one of Toronto’s finest Canadian cuisine. Sounds expensive. True! But what makes it unique? Well, the restaurant rotates giving you a full 360-degree view of the city. A full rotation takes 72 minutes so rest-assured you won’t feel dizzy or sick while dining in this fine restaurant.

Chill Ice House

Grab your coats and head over to CHILL, the only permanent ice lounge in Toronto, and the first in Canada. Everything is made of ice including their drink glasses. There is no minimum age requirement, however, it is the guests’ judgment whether to bring kids or not because of the temperature. The lounge is maintained at -5 degrees Celsius. Insulated capes and gloves are provided during admission.


Will you dare to eat in the dark? By dark, I mean pitch-black dark. This restaurant in Toronto is the second branch in Canada, following the success of its first branch in Montreal. Guests will select their course in a lit area of the restaurant. After orders are placed, they will be led into a pitch-dark dining hall, with no candles, cell phones, or anything that glows. They will be served by an entire staff of visually-impaired people. The idea to eat in the dark is to heighten other senses by removing the sense of sight. After an hour or two, guests gain a better understanding of how it is to be blind.

Mysteriously Yours Dinner Theatre</strong.

If you’re a fan of dinner theatres, then this one’s for you. Launched in 1987 in Toronto, this commercial theatre company presents the best murder mysteries. The show is interactive, meaning characters mingle among the guests. Actors will continue to drop clues until the story unfolds. When the show ends, guests get to guess who the murderer is and a prize is given.

The Sultan’s Tent and Cafe Moroc

Do you want to be transported to Morocco? This restaurant can do just that. The interiors will leave you breathless from wooden floors, hanging lanterns, palm trees, to Moroccan fabric cushions. They serve Moroccan- French cuisine and are open for lunch to dinner. Join the fun especially during evenings when belly dancers take on the dance floor. You can join the dance and learn the art too.

There are more other unique places in Toronto, but these are among my top choices. If these are not unique or bizarre enough to you, I don’t know what is. So if you’re ever in Toronto and want to experience something different, hit them up and let me know what you think!

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