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Brain & Neurology Care

Brain and Neurology Care with Functional Medicine from Toronto

Brain and Neurology Care with Functional Medicine from Toronto

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre’s integrative approach to brain health

If you’ve been experiencing cognitive issues lately, functional medicine from our Toronto clinic has the potential to recover your cognition.

The brain is an outstanding organ. According to John Hopkins Medicine, the human “think tank” weighs about 3lbs and consists of 60% fat and 40% of a blend of water, salt, carbohydrates and protein.

The brain controls our mental health, balance, vision, body temperature, long- and short-term memory, hunger, fine and gross motor skills, and more. If you notice dysfunction in your neurological-based tasks, it could signify brain or central nervous system discrepancies. Thus, brain care is significant because, as we age, a healthy brain can help avoid or delay the onset of cognitive decline.

To promote brain optimization, our clinic’s integrative approach to wellness can help determine the root cause of your concern. We can also customize a comprehensive treatment plan for your neurological needs.

Our Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine Approach to Brain and Neurology Health

If you were to visit the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre (TFMC) for brain and neurological issues, you would have an integrative medicine consultation; this appointment would explore primary health inquiries and your wellness/medical history. During this session, you and your functional medicine practitioner would also collaborate on customizing a patient care plan for your cognition.

Symptoms of a compromised brain may include:

  • Issues with concentration or memory loss
  • Having trouble remembering words; short-term and long-term memory issues
  • A decline in motor skills
  • Having issues with balance and dizziness
  • Persistent headaches/migraines
  • Previously experiencing concussions (PCS/post-concussion syndrome)
  • Unable to stay alert
  • Or you’re able to stay alert, but continue to function in a state of confusion or disorientation
  • Mood swings
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Poor sleep patterns

Additionally, those diagnosed with particular medical conditions or who have undergone particular experiences are at risk of cognitive decline or impairment: traumatic brain injuries, neurotoxin exposure, alcohol and/or substance abuse, select vitamin deficiencies, Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and other chronic diseases.

The TFMC applies integrative medicine to treatments, which allows us to address a wide range of health issues through a blend of conventional, complementary & alternative medicine. We adhere to the functional medicine model, which views each patient as a distinctive entity. A functional medicine health care provider acknowledges that no two patients are alike. This means that every recommendation from our clinic is based on individual dynamics, including lifestyle factors, diet (nutritional deficiencies), the type of wellness goal in mind, family history/genetics, and surrounding environment.

For brain and neurological care and symptom management, the TFMC practices integrative and functional medicine, while emphasizing different modalities: naturopathic medicine, Western medicine or allopathic treatments, Eastern medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, preventative medicine, IV vitamin therapy, bio-identical hormone replacement therapy, and other clinical therapies.

Functional medicine testing may be recommended for patients concerned with brain impairment. This is because lab testing helps our functional medicine team get an accurate diagnosis and how to go forth in personalizing treatments.

Take note: NAD IV Therapy support can promote recovery from substance compulsion and withdrawal symptoms. Our clinic offers NAD drip adjuct support, which also addresses brain optimization through our neurorecovery program.
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Functional Medicine Treatments From Our Toronto Clinic

After diagnosing your condition, our functional medicine practitioners will discuss treatment methods for targeting brain and neurology issues. These treatments are recommended for your individual symptoms and aim at addressing the triggers.

Some of these treatments include (but are not limited to):

  • Dietary changes: Blood sugar imbalances and poor nutritional status can influence brain functioning. For instance, beta-carotene in one study was found to have a positive link to cognition, especially in octogenarians and centenarians. Another study revealed that long-term use of beta-carotene in men age 65+ could optimistically impact cognition, the ability to list words and verbal recall. Our functional medicine health care team can recommend ways to improve nutrition for brain care, such as dietary changes, tailored oral supplements, medications and IV vitamin therapy treatments.
  • NAD IV therapy: Known as intravenous vitamin therapy, NAD IV therapy from our IV Lounge could promote brain optimization, help alleviate brain fog and boost energy levels. An NAD IV is inserted directly into your bloodstream and bypasses the digestive tract, making the nutrients immediately available for the body to absorb. NAD IV therapy from our Toronto practice can be combined with an assortment of nutrients, including amino acids and glutathione.
  • Bioidentical hormones: Hormone imbalances can affect brain function and mood. In fact, irregular hormones are known to cause insomnia and memory loss. The brain is optimally functional when hormonal fluctuations are consistent. But it can be difficult to optimize brain functioning when hormonal imbalances are causing neurological difficulties, like brain fog. In this case, we may consider hormone balancing or replacement with bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.
  • Supplements: A personalized restorative medicine plan may include customized and uniquely formulated nutraceuticals. The supplements we recommend have the potential to promote physiological benefits and help prevent chronic diseases and neurodegenerative disease.
  • Heavy metal chelation/detoxification: Did you know that memory issues and brain fog are symptoms of heavy metal toxicity? If you’ve been exposed to heavy metals, heavy metal testing and treatments may be beneficial for neurological concerns. Depending on the severity of your exposure, chelation therapy may be the treatment of choice.  Chelation therapy is a treatment that eliminates heavy metals from the blood. Through functional medicine testing, our Toronto clinic can determine if heavy metals are triggering your brain health issues.

Take note: NAD IV Therapy support can promote recovery from substance compulsion and withdrawal symptoms. Our clinic offers NAD drip adjuct support, which also addresses brain optimization through our neurorecovery program.
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Overall, maintaining cognitive function and brain health beforehand could help maximize brain function and avert or delay the onset of age-related decline. So let’s get you started on the path towards optimal health with our clinical care.

Contact the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre for Brain Care

The TFMC is currently accepting new patients who are committed to meeting their health goals. If this is you, feel free to reach us! Let’s recuperate your concentration levels with quality care and an individualized, patient-centred, science-based approach.

Our clinic has a special interest in holistic and conventional medicine. Our functional medicine-practicing naturopathic doctor, medical doctor, and nurse practitioner are devoted to helping patients reach optimal health. Health care can be a collaborative approach and positive personal experience between the health practitioner and patient – our local clinicians follow this functional medicine wisdom.

Our integrative approach to health care can be applied to other chronic and acute health concerns. Conditions that our private practice supports include: hormone imbalances, chronic conditions, chronic pain, digestive issues, postmenopausal health, infertility, and other health issues.

How can we upgrade your focus, memory and overall wellness? Let’s figure out the root cause of your neurological concern.  Call (416) 968-6961 or send a message to save your spot for functional medicine in Toronto.


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