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Virtual Consult

Virtual Consultations

Virtual Consultations

We want to assure that our Toronto patients have access to integrative care to improve and sustain their quality of life. 

Our clinic’s healthcare providers now offer remote integrated care for patients via telephone or telemedicine video portal. This option applies to both new and current TFMC patients.

About our in-person and virtual visits

Sometimes patients feel the need to step “outside of the box” for their treatments or to help with managing complex health conditions. Thus, our practice and treatments have an emphasis on evidence-based functional medicine practices, which are also combined with western (allopathic) medicine. We offer well-rounded multidisciplinary care, which can be effectively applied to in-person and virtual* appointments. (Some exceptions may apply.*)

Both in-person and virtual appointments focus on addressing the root cause of your health concerns, while optimizing cellular health and energy levels. Our health recommendations may include herbal medicine, physical medicine (cold laser therapy, acupuncture), IV therapy, medical acupuncture, eastern medicine, western/allopathic medicine, and functional medicine testing. Appointments may also be beneficial for upgrading personalized medicine plans with a bespoke health care program.

Clinical care from the TFMC may focus on nutritional needs, chronic disease management, gut health, hormone imbalances, metabolic health, neurology and brain function, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, immunity, epigenetics, environmental toxins, and disease prevention. 

Our virtual integrative care and services may help with the following:

  • Initial IV drip consultations* for NAD+ therapy, high-dose vitamin C, etc.

(*Take note: your initial consultation for IV therapy may be conducted virtually, though administering IV therapy requires you to come to our clinic for an in-person appointment. IV therapy cannot be administered outside our center for functional medicine.)

  • Thyroid support
  • Weight-loss support
  • Gut and digestive health support
  • Pain management* and symptom management*

(*Take note: if massage therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, shockwave and cold laser therapy are recommended for your condition, these must be conducted in-person at our Toronto-based clinic.)

  • Detoxification
  • Men’s health issues (i.e. testosterone replacement therapy)
  • Women’s health issues (i.e. PMS, menopause, infertility, PCOS)
  • Adrenal insufficiency
  • Fertility enhancement
  • Environmental toxin treatments (i.e. mold, heavy metal toxicities, pesticides, etc.)
  • Management of chronic diseases and chronic conditions
  • Healthy diet and clinical nutrition recommendations 

Key advantages of our virtual appointments

Virtual visits at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre can provide patients with a wide range of benefits:

  • Saves time: No need for commuting, which means less disruptions in your daily life. Virtual appointments allow for flexible access to integrative medicine from any location connected to the internet. 
  • Reduces expenses: Get integrative functional medicine health care conducted far away without transportation expenses.
  • Maintains comfort level: Patients with compromised immune systems or mobility issues can access integrative medicine care from our clinical practice in the comfort of their homes.
  • Fosters the patient-functional medicine doctor relationship: Allows for patients to connect with our functional medicine practitioner regularly and flexibly, which can contribute to a positive clinical experience. This encourages follow-up visits and allows for other concerns to be addressed, while empowering patients to strengthen their quality of life.
  • Fully encrypted: We care about your safety. Data from each virtual session is fully encrypted with your security in mind. Call us to learn about our video encryption at 416-968-6961.

Our appointment process for telemedicine consultations

  • Book your appointment by calling the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre office at 416-968-6961.
  • Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a message from our encrypted app. This message will notify you of your online appointment and intake and consents forms for your virtual consult. You will then be required to fill in our electronic forms prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Your message from us will include a link – this link is for you to click on for the telemedicine call to occur. (Take note: your consultation link will be available one hour prior to your appointment.) When it’s time for your appointment, your video call will begin with our functional medicine practitioner. This call will remain encrypted and secure at all times.
  • Computer requirements to consider:
    – We highly recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers for your telemedicine calls.
    – Currently, our telemedicine calls can only be conducted on a tablet or laptop. We will post updated technology requirements on this webpage as they occur. 

We take pride in our attentive care, and we know that personalized medicine is important to our patients. So you’re welcome to discuss functional medicine testing options, medications, and supplements during your telemedicine consult. Our private practice can also arrange for testing kits and prescriptions to be delivered to your door after your appointment has ended.

If you have any questions for the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, please send us a message or call (416) 968-6961. Let’s help you reach optimal health with our integrative approach


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