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Wellness Practitioners

Wellness Practitioners

Dr. Amauri Caversan

Naturopathic Doctor

“It was my own personal experience as a patient of naturopathic medicine that prompted my desire to learn how to help others through the study and practice of integrative natural medicine. I help people because I want to see people healthy and happy.”

Heather Claus

Strength Coach, Fascial Stretch Specialist, Biosignature Practitioner

Educated by renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, Heather Claus is a certified PICP L2 strength coach and one of the very few L3 fascial stretch-certified specialists in the world.

Linda Van Dyk


Driven by an unwavering commitment to helping others live fully and age gracefully, Linda’s passion for wellness is punctuated by her affinity for people and harnessing the inherent power of nutrition.

Her life tells the story of inspiring others to consider their relationship with food, promoting the power of herbs, supplements, and exercise and equipping others with the knowledge to grant them a younger life for a longer period of time, and sharing her belief that there is a better way to age well.

Dr. Ilona Dreyzin

Certified Physician - Hyperbaric Medicine

Dr. Dreyzin graduated from the University of Toronto Medical School (1991) and completed her residency in Family and Community Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital. She is a Fellow of the Canadian College of Family Physicians. After working as a family physician in North York for over 15 years, Dr. Dreyzin continued her professional career as a medical consultant for various organizations in Toronto including MedCan, Anapharm Research and Syneos Health.

Recommended Affiliate Clinics and Their Healthcare Professionals

Canadian Centres For Regenerative Therapy

The Canadian Centres for Regenerative Therapy specializes in Regenerative and Translational Medicine. Regenerative medicine is a new and revolutionary field that uses clinical solutions to repair and heal damaged tissues in the body due to aging, trauma, or disease. The procedures promote healing, regulate cellular functions, implement immunomodulation and regenerate damaged tissue.

Athlete's Care Sports
Medicine Centres

The Athlete’s Care team consists of sports medicine doctors and specialists that have been involved with the care of athletes at the highest levels of competition. Their team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, and medical doctors have treated amateur and professional athletes competing locally, nationally, and internationally – Olympics, NHL, NBA, MLB, as well as UFC athletes.


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