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Acupuncture Treatment


By combining traditional and medical acupuncture with cold laser therapy, this treatment embodies a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern medical acupuncture. This gentle method strives to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. It may also help accelerate healing, enhance blood circulation, rectify movement problems, and promote integrative health and well-being.

Traditional acupuncture is rooted in the time-tested principles of Chinese Medicine. This method aims to restore and harmonize Qi, the vital life force that flows through your body’s meridians. It also helps e-establishes equilibrium in your energy flow to support both stress management and general wellness. 

The TFMC integrates cold laser therapy and traditional acupuncture with the wisdom of western medical acupuncture through anatomy, physiology, and modern neuroscience concepts. Acupuncture points on the body serve as gateways to stimulate the nerves, muscles and connective tissue. This can activate your body’s natural painkillers to help alleviate pain and muscle tension, while also helping to increase blood flow and cellular regeneration. It may be a complementary tool for addressing the source of different ailments. 

Our acupuncture practitioners offer an innovative, comprehensive approach to health by uniting cold laser therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine concepts with contemporary health care practices. Are you embarking on a new health journey? Then let’s discuss how this fused approach to acupuncture can affect your wellness today. 

The theory behind acupuncture, as in all traditional Chinese medicine, is that health results from a harmonious balance between the complementary extremes, or yin and yang, of the life force known as qi (pronounced chee).

Qi is believed to flow through pathways called meridians in your body. These meridians, and the energy itself, are accessible through more than 350 acupuncture points. Because illness may result from an imbalance of these forces, the insertion of needles into targeted points in various combinations can rebalance your energy flow.

The Western approach to acupuncture incorporates modern concepts of neuroscience. Practitioners view the acupuncture points as places to stimulate nerves, muscles and connective tissue. Such stimulation appears to boost the activity of your body’s natural painkillers and increase blood flow.

Did you know we can get increased inflammation in the body at a cellular level?

This is known as chronic inflammation or systemic inflammation. It’s most commonly thought of as arthritis, and while that is a condition associated with inflammation, there are many others such as to as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, depression, dementia, and even cancer.

Other common inflammatory conditions include muscular and joint aches and pains, general physical discomfort, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other common ‘itis’ problems we hear of. If a word has ‘itis’ attached to it, which stands for inflammation.

In any case, controlling the amount of inflammation in the body is one of the keys to preventing disease and avoid feeling pain, and none of us want to feel that way, right?

Thankfully there are many ways we can control it.

Eating a healthy anti-inflammatory diet is a good way to control inflammation, but natural anti-inflammatory supplements can provide some crucial additional benefits. Supplements help assist the body to reduce inflammation and often provide effective relief so we can get on the right track and keep moving forward. Below are some natural supplements that may help fight inflammation.


Boswellia, also known as Indian Frankincense, is an herbal extract taken from the Boswellia serrata tree. Resin made from boswellia extract has been used for centuries as a natural medicine to treat chronic inflammation, as well as a number of other health conditions.


Turmeric, the bright yellow spice from which it’s derived, has been used for ages as a natural anti- inflammatory. Curcumin is the most active ingredient in turmeric, a plant related to ginger. Not only is curcumin helpfull, but it also comes without worrisome side effects.


White Willow Bark is used to ease pain and reduce inflammation. Researchers believe that the chemical salicin, found in willow bark, is responsible for these effects. However, studies show several other components of willow bark, including plant chemicals called polyphenols and flavonoids, have antioxidant, antiseptic, and immune supporting properties.

Laser Therapy decreases inflammation and pain while increasing tissue regeneration and healing. Less inflammation means there is less swelling and therefore less pain. Combining 21st century science with ancient Chinese Medicine, Cold Laser Therapy delivers small levels of laser light to key trigger points on your body. Also known as Low Laser Therapy, or Laser Acupuncture, Cold Laser Therapy has proven to be most successful in the relief of arthritis and osteoarthritis symptoms. This may be a good alternative for individuals not comfortable with the needles of traditional acupuncture. Safe and painless, patients only experience a mild tingling sensation or localized numbness as the body’s natural production of endorphins is stimulated. Some common conditions treatable with laser:

– Lower back pain
– Neck Pain
– Arthritis
– Heel Pain
– Tennis elbow
– Knee pain
– Tendonitis
– Sprains and Strains
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Hip pain
– Wound healing and more.

Formally known as Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy, or ESWT, this procedure delivers short, but intense, waves of energy to key points of the musculoskeletal system. The treatment evolved from the use of acoustic shockwaves to break up kidney stones and, after 25 years of success, clinicians discovered that patients frequently reported unrelated aches and pains vanished in the process. Scientists began to look at the possibility that shockwaves may be an effective healing tool for soft tissue complaints and it is now commonly used for rapid relief of tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis. Two theories exist regarding the efficacy of ESWT. The first is that the repeated shockwaves create new blood flow to the painful tissue, thus promoting healing. The second theory posits that in cases of chronic pain, the brain eventually ceases to react to the affected area. The application of short pulses of shockwaves may be creating a new inflammatory process to which the brain reacts.

Treatable conditions:

– Plantar Fasciitis
– Achilles Tendonpathy
– Tennis Elbow
– Jumpers Knee
– Stress Fractures
– Calcific Rotator Cuff Tendinitis
– Bursitis
– Trigger Point Therapy
– Non Healing Ulcers
– Non Unions
– Morton’s Neuroma
– Scar Tissue Treatment
– Hallux Rigidus


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