Pain Treatment: A Challenge On All Levels

Is pain eclipsing all other symptoms?

Pain is often the primary motivator for people to seek out medical care. Because of the challenges inherent in treating pain, it can be some time before other symptoms are addressed and controlled. Quite often, pain is not the disease but rather a symptom of imbalance in one or more areas of the body. The technique of pain control with natural medicines involves identifying, treating and, ideally, removing the source of the discomfort. By receiving personalized attention using a range of natural treatments—from enzyme therapies to acupuncture, Naturopathic manipulation, botanical medicines, cold laser therapy, and shockwave therapy, a patient may be able to avoid the risk of addiction to pharmaceutical pain medicines and their potentially toxic side-effects.

A complete understanding of your unique physiology informs all recommended treatments. Our practitioners will design a customized pain management program utilizing a variety and combination of techniques.

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