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I.V. vitamin drip therapies may be known to strengthen and boosts immunity, aid in alcohol or drug detoxification, may help alleviate hangovers, and may help improve mood, sleep, and appetite just to name a few. In Toronto, IV vitamin C therapy as a naturopathic adjunctive cancer therapy are offered in naturopathic wellness centers such as the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre.

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Naturopathy traces back its roots to the Nature Cure Movement of Europe. At present, regulatory bodies such as an alliance of college of Naturopaths make sure you get  safe naturopathic therapies available. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to call our wellness center!

About East York

East York is a former municipality within Toronto City. It was amalgamated into the city of Toronto in January 1, 1998. English people of British origin who belonged in the working class initially dominated the area, many coming from Lancashire and Yorkshire.

After World War II, homes were built to house returning veterans and their families. This gave the neighborhood the distinction of having the highest percentage of senior citizens for many years. However, as affordable housing continued to be built, many young families were attracted to move into East York. The 10 to 15-minute drive to downtown Toronto was also a plus.

East York also boasts a number of fruit markets, bakery and coffee shops, clothing stores, and Greek restaurants. The area is also budding with recreational activities both indoors and outdoors. Facilities include:

– 13 Tennis courts
– 5 Baseball diamonds
– Batting cage
– 2 Outdoor swimming pools
– Outdoor Ice rink
– 18-hole Golf course
– Picnic areas
– Multi-purpose gym

Some other interesting facts about East York:

– Before it was amalgamated into Toronto last 1998, East York was Canada’s only borough
– The ban for alcoholic beverages was lifted in the 1970’s
– In the 2006 census, the top 3 visible minorities were South Asian, Chinese and Filipinos

If getting active is your kind of thing, you should come and visit East York.

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