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Nutritional IV Therapy

  • Find out how high-dose IV vitamin C may help strengthen your immune system and fight infections.

  • Boost your health and feel better!

  • Our IV clinic offers comfortable lounge chairs so you can relax during your therapy. Book your appointment today!

Intravenous drips are designed to be administered based on your unique nutritional deficiencies. Blood testing is initially performed before the therapy is given to determine allergic reaction to nutrients. IV therapy is generally safe and well tolerated. Our clinic is always welcome to address your questions or concerns.

Toronto Naturopath

  • Improve life quality by relieving and treating symptoms of hormonal imbalances or deficiencies.

  • Know more about our services – complimentary 15-minute introductory meeting available!

Naturopaths practices natural medicine, preventive care, and are trained to identify the underlying causes of disease. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy may be one of the wellness services you can benefit from. For more information, you can check our website or book a 15-minute introductory meeting, free!

About Eglinton West

Eglinton West is not known as Little Jamaica for no reason. Located along Eglinton Avenue West, a large number of Jamaican businesses are located along this strip of neighborhood. But there are also other businesses of Caribbean and Black Canadian communities that is why some calls this strip the “Harlem” of  Toronto. Around 177,000-plus Jamaican community who lives mostly in the Greater Toronto Area have businesses along Eglinton Avenue West.

During Eglinton West’s prime, the strip takes pride in having more barber shops per square kilometer than anywhere else in Canada. It was like a practice to go to a barber shop and get a fresh cut while listening to music from stereos and storefronts. During summer, Eglinton West is transformed to a lot of color and glitter as the people work tirelessly creating Caribana costumes for the parade.

However, due to the digital age and increasingly gentrified Toronto, Eglinton West changed as well. Many people share the same sentiment about the place not the same as before anymore. A large Jamaican population has moved out of the neighbourhood to the suburbs, and old businesses close and are being replaced by non-Caribbean businesses.

Josh Colle, an area councilor hoping to bring back the old community, pushed for the renaming of the laneway behind a row of stores on the South of Eglinton into “Reggae Lane” to recognize the reggae history and Jamaican contribution to the community.

While the Eglinton West strip has had a lot of changes recently, some important establishments still remain. And even if it’s tough to stay in the business, some still choose to stay and not plan to go away.

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