Nutritional IV Therapy

  • IV drip therapy in Toronto.

  • Our IV drip spa is located at the heart of Yorkville.

  • Complimentary 15-minute introductory meeting.

There are different vitamin intravenous drips that you can get for specific purposes. Here are a few:

• Glutathione (Gluta) IV – for flawless skin

• Migraine Support IV – may lessen the frequency and prevent different types of headaches

• Alpha Lipoic Acid – may support liver function

For a complete list of treatments offered in our clinic, contact us today.

Toronto Naturopath

  • Naturopathic practitioner licensed to practice in Toronto and Ontario

  • Wellness center easily accessible at 162 Cumberland St 222 A, downtown Toronto.

Finding a Toronto Naturopath should not be a hard task. However, due diligence must be made before acquiring their service. Make sure they are licensed to practice in your area, and clinic is within reasonable distance from where you live.

About Harbourfront

Harbourfront is a district located within the downtown area of Toronto and northern part of Lake Ontario. It extends from Bathurst Street in the west, with its obscure east boundary either Yonge Street or York Street. Its north boundary is the Gardiner Expressway.

Since Toronto was founded, its harbour was used for shipping and industrial purposes. Before the Federal Election in the year 1972, Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, publicized the Harbourfront project which claimed these industrial port lands and converted them into a cultural and residential district for Toronto.

The federal government turned the industrial area to an area mixed with art galleries, theaters and concert halls, boating areas and parks.The surrounding area, previously industrial, was converted into a chain of condominiums, overlooking Harbourfront project and Lake Ontario as well.

That being said, Harbourfront is a unique blend of residential, cultural, recreational, and commercial uses, all within the same neighbourhood.

Notable establishments/places include:

– Harbourfront Centre
– Queen’s Quay Terminal
– Canada Malting Silos
– Redpath Sugar Refinery
– Toronto Music Garden
– HTO Park

Some other interesting facts about Harbourfront:

– In 1979, Harbourfront introduced the Molson Jazz Festival and has presented concerts to celebrate St-Jean-Baptiste Day and Canada Day for many years.
– The neighbourhood is separated from the rest of downtown Toronto by the elevated Gardiner Expressway which caused neighbourhood issues and led to demolition proposals.
– Harbourfront is Toronto’s playground by the lake which makes it a popular destination for locals and tourists.

If you’re looking for relaxation and recreation, Harbourfront is definitely the place to be.

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