Nutritional IV Therapy

  • Vitamin infusion therapy may be ideal for people with GI problems.

  • Vitamin C infusion cost varies from different provider. Call us to get a quote!

  • IV drip spa location – 162 Cumberland St 222 A, Toronto, ON.

IV vitamin therapy is directly administered into your circulatory system. It bypasses the GI system so stomach upsets are avoided and ideal for patients who have difficulty in swallowing. The cost of IV cocktails differs from one drip clinic to another. If you need more info, especially our famous Vitamin C infusion drip, drop by our clinic or call us.

Toronto Naturopath

  • Naturopathic medicine – a natural approach to healing.

  • Naturopathic doctor with years of experience.

  • Drop by our naturopathy center for your wellness therapy needs.

Naturopathy is a unique form of alternative medicine that uses both science and natural healing to address illnesses. Our wellness practitioners are licensed to practice. If you’re interested in naturopathic medicine, our wellness center is more than happy to be of assistance.

About Milton

Milton, once a rural town located in Southern Ontario, is now a major suburban in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

The name Milton was named after the English poet, John Milton. The two principal owners of the town were the Martins and the Fosters. Jasper Martin from Newcastle, England, being granted 100 acres of land, built a mill. This mill became the center of settlement as people settled in the region. On the other hand, the current site of Milton’s Town Hall was donated by Hugh Foster, thus called Hugh Foster Hall.

Other notable establishments/places include:

  • Rattlesnake Point
  • Crawford Lake Conservation Area
  • Glen Eden
  • Halton County Radial Railway
  • Hilton Falls Conservation Area
  • Lions Sports Park

Interesting facts:

  • Milton’s major industries are automotive, advanced manufacturing, distribution and food production.
  • Milton has lots of conservation parks, camping sites, and recreational areas. The conservation parks in the area are owned by a conservation authority called Conservation Halton.
  • Milton has a long and rich sports history. Many elite athletes grew up, lived, or have moved in the town of Milton.
  • In honor and recognition of the top athletes, a joint-community project was created and is called The Milton Sports Hall of Fame.

Milton’s development is mostly suburban in nature which explains residential growth has considerably increased over the past years. Several grade schools have been built as well and a shopping center which includes a number of retail stores and restaurants. It’s no wonder Milton’s population is expected to double from the year 2016 to 2031 making it one of the fastest growing communities in Canada.

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