River Oaks


Nutritional IV Therapy

  • Vitamin IV therapy drips you can get – custom IV therapy, Max hydration IV, and high dose IV vitamin C.

  • Friendly staff ready to assist you with everything you need during your iv infusion.

  • Vitamin drip cost? Contact our clinic for more info – (416) 968-6961.

IV drip spa’s offer various vitamin iv infusions. Our clinic offers some of the popular ones including an IV hydration, migraine support IV, and high dose vitamin c. We also have gluta drip, vitamin d shots, and a lot more. Contact our iv drip lounge today for more information.

Toronto Naturopath

  • Detoxification program designed to help nourish your body with the right nutrients so anti-aging process may begin.

  • Toronto Naturopathic practitioners will work with you through education and promotion of healthy lifestyle to achieve optimum health.

  • Visit our downtown Toronto naturopathic clinic at 162 Cumberland St 222 A.

As a doctor of naturopathic medicine, practitioners will assist you in creating a full body detox cleanse program. A multi-treatment approach will also be taken, which include diet and nutrition, herbal and physical medicine, homeopathy and lifestyle counseling. Drop by our naturopathic clinic or call us for a free 15-min complimentary introductory meeting.

About River Oaks

River Oaks, located in Oakville, Ontario is a family-friendly neighborhood with most of the homes built in the late 90s and the early 2000s.This community was established in the 1980s and has since increased in value due to newer high-end neighborhoods around. A lot of traditional homes were renovated over the years which add up to the neighborhood’s value.Most styles are detached family homes, townhouses, and even high-rise condominiums.

Other notable establishments/places include:

– River Oaks Community Center
– Loblaws Superstore
– Longos
– Canadian Tire

Interesting facts:

– The town of Oakville where River Oaks is a part of was rated by MoneySense last 2016 as the 15th best place to live in Canada.

– River Oaks is very close to many Recreational Trails in Oakville.

– Housing prices start from $200,000 for condominiums up to $1.2 million for detached homes.

River Oaks has tons of amenities, parks, trails, and services.It also has quick access to major highways. It has excellent facilities for seniors and good quality schools for children as well. Because of its friendly lifestyle, River Oaks makes a remarkable and livable place to live at for especially for families.

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