Nutritional IV Therapy

  • IV hydration therapy services that may help with increased energy, and skin lightening among many others.

  • Consult with our IV therapy providers for your vitamin drip needs.

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Our IV therapy Toronto clinic offers various vitamin drips – Max Hydration IV, high dose IV vitamin C, glutathione drip for lightening and brightening your skin, and many more. Our IV therapy service providers will help you with your questions and concerns regarding vitamin IV therapy. Contact our center now!

Toronto Naturopath

  • Wellness services in Toronto, Ontario.

  • Looking for a weight loss program? Toronto Functional Medicine Centre may assist you.

  • Contact us to know more of our naturopathic care services.

Our practitioners are dedicated to enhance your health through natural treatments. From weight loss to detoxification, to addiction support treatments, the least invasive procedure will be implemented. With naturopathic medicine, your overall health and well-being may be greatly improved.

About Streetsville

Streetsville is a district located in the northwest part of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Majority of Streetsville occupies the west bank of the Credit River.

This small town was amalgamated into Mississauga City in 1974. To keep its charm, historic streets and landmarks were preserved. Names of some main Mississauga roads were even retained as part of this effort. Examples are Mississauga Road and Bristol Road, which remain as Queen Street and Main Street respectively.

The population of Streetsville grew when families moved into new suburban communities. In January 1962, Streetsville was incorporated as a town when its population reached 5,000. The first ever mayor was Frank Dowling.

Other notable establishments/places include:

– F.B McFarren Memorial Park

– Vic Johnston Arena

– The Franklin House

Interesting facts:

– Streetsville celebrated its first Bread and Honey Festival in 1973. This festival became an annual event held every first weekend of June.

– Canada Day in Streetsville is held every 1st of July at the Memorial Park.

– F.B. McFarren is one of the best-known figures in Canada’s clay brick industry. F.B McFarren Memorial Park was named after him.

– The Mississauga Santa Claus Parade held every year takes place in Streetsville.

– The Streetsville and District Minor Hockey Association was established in the year 1946.

Streetsville is a diverse community. It’s not only rich in history through its landmarks, but it is also filled with modern festivals and community activities that make it such a great place to visit or even to live.

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