Nutritional IV Therapy

  • IV spa in Toronto conveniently located at the heart of Yorkville.

  • Naturopathic wellness services in the city of Toronto.

  • Wellness practitioners will guide you throughout the process.

IV spas are designed to offer you with a relaxing experience while you get your vitamin drip therapy. Clinics usually have comfortable lounge chairs, air-conditioned rooms, may provide complimentary drinks and free wi-fi connection. Medical professionals will make sure you get the ideal and safe care possible.

Toronto Naturopath

  • Naturopathic clinic with years of experience.

  • Visit our naturopath office – 162 Cumberland St 222 A or call (416) 968-6961 for more info.

Naturopathic medicine practice has been around for years. It is a combination of modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural form of medicine. Hormonal imbalances are one the illnesses that may greatly benefit from naturopathy. Feel free to reach out to us if you have more questions or concerns.

About Thornhill

Thornhill is a unique neighborhood in the GTA located in between two different cities – Vaughan and Markham. The current name was derived from Benjamin Thorne who arrived in 1820 and was known to operate a gristmill, a sawmill, and a tannery in the community. It was initially known as Thorne’s Mills, then became Thorne’s Hill, and at present Thornhill.

Thornhill’s growth and development started between 1830 and 1948. During this period many churches were built, and most are still standing today. But it was in the 1960’s and 1970’s where suburbanization began thanks to its proximity to the city of Toronto. Scattered around the area are home subdivisions, shopping centers, community centers, and top ranked schools. Jewish, Chinese, Korean, Iranian, and Italian people compose Thornhill’s diverse ethnic population.

Some interesting facts about the area:

– Thornhill lacks a general hospital; the closest is in Richmond Hill and Toronto
– It has a bilingual Persian-English weekly paper, the Salam Toronto
– The Old Thornhill along Yonge Street has more than one hundred historic buildings as reminders of Thornhill’s past
– The Promenade Shopping Center, a popular shopping destination on Bathurst Street, has over 175 shops
– The Thornhill Park Tennis Club is one of Vaughan’s city most active tennis clubs.

Notable people are:

– Hayden Christensen – Hollywood actor who played Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars movie
– Dominic Moore – Professional ice hockey player with the New York Rangers
– Milos Raonic – Professional tennis player
– Dan Shulman – ESPN sports broadcaster
– The Philosopher Kings – a well-known R&B band

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