Nutritional IV Therapy

  • Licensed IV therapy providers ensures you get an ideal care possible.

  • Experience the many possible benefits of vitamin IV therapy today – call our clinic at (416) 968-6961.

  • IV drip lounge location is at the heart of Yorkville, Toronto!

Vitamin drip therapy is administered by licensed IV therapy providers. If you want to experience the possible positive effects of IV therapy, contact or visit your nearest IV therapy Toronto clinic and schedule for an initial introductory meeting to find out which therapy is ideal for you.

Toronto Naturopath

  • Friendly and reliable staff ready to assist with your wellness needs.

  • For emergency cases, call us at (416) 968-6961 right away.

Naturopathic medicine in Toronto is not hard to come by. Make sure to choose a licensed ND doctor and have staffs available in the clinic during your therapy sessions. One of the many wellness services that a naturopath can provide is through a balanced diet, detoxification and traditional Chinese medicine. If you need immediate help, contact our center to have your needs addressed.

About Uxbridge

Uxbridge is a town located in the Durham Region, in the Greater Toronto Area. It was incorporated into a municipality in the year 1850 and two years later, became part of the newly formed Ontario County, two historic counties in Ontario.

In 1872, the village of Uxbridge was separated from the township and was incorporated as a different entity. But it was in the year 1974 when the Uxbridge Township was amalgamated with the town of Uxbridge and Scott Township, forming an expanded Township of Uxbridge. It was when Regional Municipality of Durham was created that same year.

Other notable establishments/places include:

– Pine Valley Packaging
– Koch-Glitsch Canada
– Hela Canada
– Uxbridge-Scott Museum and Archives
– Uxbridge’s Elgin Park
– Thomas Foster Memorial Temple
– York Durham Heritage Railway
– Uxbridge Cottage Hospital

Interesting facts:

– Uxbridge Township received federal designation by Industry Canada as The Trail Capital of Canada with over 220 kilometers of managed trails on over 8,000 acres of protected landscape.

– The Lions Club holds an annual event since 1995 called Art in the Park or also known as Summerfest, which attracts artists from all across the province.

– The Uxbridge Fall Fair started in 1886 and has since been held annually. It celebrated its 150th anniversary last 2014. Attractions include vegetable and flower exhibits, home crafts, cattle, goat and rabbit shows, etc.

– Also held every September is The Uxbridge Studio Tour and Sale which lets visitors meet local artists in their studios.

Some major improvements, however, must be done if the town wishes to grow and that includes their sewage system which is already reaching maximum capacity. Nevertheless, Uxbridge has a lot in store such as major attractions, events, and activities and that makes the city an exciting place to live or visit.

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