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A customized vitamin infusion therapy plan will be designed to address your health needs. Drop by our IV therapy lounge, we are located in the heart of Toronto.

Toronto Naturopath

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About Whitby

Whitby is a town in Durham Region which is also home to the headquarters of the said region. It is well known as an outlying district of the city, balanced with both urban and economic hub, while the northern part is more rural and developed.

Historically known as a “White Village”, an original word in Danish when the Danes invaded Britain and is an inspiration of a seaport town of Whitby, Yorkshire, England. The town’s main asset is its harbor as trading companies, business owners, and market sellers export products to the northern part of town. There is a well known architectural landmark of Trafalgar Castle School, constructed as an Elizabethan-style castle which is known as a private residence for the Sheriff of Ontario.

Notable establishment in Whitby include:

– Trafalgar Castle School
– Camp X
– Whitby Public Library
– Whitby Courthouse Theatre
– Station Gallery

Well known people:

– Criminal Minds actress A.J. Cook
– Hockey player Sandy Cohen
– Comedian and actor Kevin Duhaney
– Parliamentary member Jim Flaherty
– Olympic gold medalists Adam Foote
– Joe Nieuwendyk and Anne Ottenbriet
– Canadian rapper K-OS
– WWE wrestler Andrew ‘Test’ Martin
– Hardy Boys author Leslie McFarlane
– Canada’s Next Top Model winner Andrea Muizelaar

Interesting facts:

– The city has two sister cities: Longueuil, Quebec and Feldkirch, Austria.
– In 1951 the population of Whitby was just over 7,000 people—and in 2011, just 60 years later has blossomed to over 120,000 people
– Whitby is one of the 100 biggest cities in all of Canada
– Whitby Dunlops hockey team won a world championship in ’58 in Norway

With Whitby’s current population boost, infrastructures, additional jobs, and residential homes have been noted to be progressing and Whitby will soon rise up as one of the influential towns.

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