Nutritional IV Therapy

  • Experience the many possible positive effects of IV drip therapy today.

  • IV therpay providers will guide you throughout the IV session.

  • Our wellness center is conveniently located at the heart of Yorkville. Come visit us!

Intravenous vitamin infusion may help replenish depleted vitamins, minerals, and amino acids directly into your bloodstream. It may help you recover fast so you feel better. We aim to assist you achieve optimal health through this therapy.

Toronto Naturopath

  • Reap the many possible benefits of wellness therapies – optimum health, stronger immune system, increased energy and more!

  • Naturopathic practitioners will assist and work with you for the ideal wellness program.

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Acupuncture, detoxification, and intravenous vitamin drips are some of the naturopathic care therapies that may help improve your over-all health status. Our practitioners will work with you so you can come up with the ideal wellness program designed for your health needs. Reach out to us if you have questions, concerns, or want more information.

About Yorkville

Yorkville is known to be one of Canada’s wealthiest district. It was founded by entrepreneur Joseph Bloore and Sheriff William Botsford Jarvis in 1830 as a residential suburb. As the population grew and businesses thrived, it was the first village to be officially annexed by the city of Toronto on February 1, 1883.

The area has since grown into a flourishing neighborhood surrounded by a wide array of residential homes, office buildings, shopping centers, retails stores, upscale designer boutiques, fashionable restaurants, five star hotels, parks and world class art galleries.

Notable establishments/places include:

– Paramount Pictures
– Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
– MTV Canada Headquarters
– InterContinental Toronto Yorkville
– Windsor Arms Hotel
– University of Toronto

Some other interesting facts about Yorkville:

– In the 1960’s, Yorkville became famous for being dubbed as Canada’s capital of the hippie movement.
– Canada’s largest museum, the Royal Ontario Museum is located in Yorkville.
– The largest public library in Toronto, The Toronto Reference Library, is also found in the area.
– In 2008, Fortune Magazine named the Mink Mile shopping district as the 7th most expensive shopping street in the world.
– A two bedroom condominium in Yorkville has a median price of approximately $1,000,000.
– The rock made of granite in the center of The Village of Yorkville Park weighs 650 tonnes, and is believed to be 1 billion years old

If you’re planning to visit soon, Yorkville won’t disappoint.

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