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Heather Claus

Strength Coach, Fascial Stretch Specialist, Biosignature Practitioner

Strength Coach, Fascial Stretch Specialist, Biosignature Practitioner

Educated by renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, Heather Claus is a certified PICP L2 strength coach and one of the very few L3 fascial stretch-certified specialists in the world.

With over 16 years experience, she specializes in training clients for structural balance, strength, fat loss and overall optimal hormone health. Heather teaches her clients to embrace their strength and become the best version of themselves; she also educates her clients on nutrition and optimized supplementation.

Heather’s clients have varied from kids to NFL, Olympic and NCAA professional athletes, who have embraced her teachings to increase ROM, reduce/eliminate pain, and increase their performance.

In her spare time, Heather practices Brazilian Jujitsu, and she recently modified her training and nutrition to enhance her sport performance. She’s a single mom to a teenage boy and continuously educates herself to become a better coach for her clients.


PICP L1, L2 – Poliquin Strength Institute
FST L1, L2, L3 – Stretch to Win
FAT Tool – The Fit Institute
Biosignature Modulation L1, L2 – Poliquin Strength Institute
Principles of Strategic Medicine – Dr. Ben Lynch (and Dirty Genes author)
Rock Doc (IASTM, FMT, Cupping) – RockTape Canada
Advanced Strength Training – Preston Greene University of Florida
Advanced Strength Training and Neurotransmitters – YPSI Germany


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