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Hormonal Balance Support

Hormonal Balance Support

About Hormonal Balance Support at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre

About Hormonal Balance Support at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre

Hormones are created in the endocrine system and are like “chemical couriers” for your body. Every hormone holds a unique role in regulating various aspects of health – this is to assure optimal functioning. A hormone’s job can contribute to metabolism, human development, mood, your sleep-wake cycle, fertility, and more.

Here’s where hormonal health can get tricky: when you have unproportionate amounts, individual symptoms can be triggered, which can lead to the formation of other chronic symptoms or chronic conditions. For instance, excessive insulin levels in your body can lower your blood sugar levels; or an insulin deficiency can heighten blood sugar levels while instigating diabetes.

Therefore, patients must practice healthy lifestyle factors in their daily lives, which contributes to balancing hormones. These lifestyle factors include a balanced diet, stress management, regular workouts and adequate sleep. In some cases, hormone replacement therapy or another type of medical intervention may be needed to target hormonal disparities, while managing symptoms/conditions.

Possible Causes Behind Hormone Imbalances and Symptoms

So, what would set off unlevelled hormones? This may be influenced by an impaired endocrine gland (i.e. thyroid, adrenal or pituitary gland). A gland can be injured from: 

  • Accidents that are linked to neck damages
  • Viruses, bacterial infections
  • Radiation therapies
  • Blood loss
  • Head trauma (i.e. from an athletic injury or car accident)
  • An autoimmune condition (note: a hormone deficiency may occur if your immune system attacks hormone-producing glands. Autoimmune conditions such as Addison’s disease, type I diabetes, and Hashimoto’s disease are examples.)

Your body holds 50+ distinct hormones. Some symptoms from their imbalance may include:  

    • Diarrhea, constipation
    • Depression, anxiety
    • Low libido
    • Inexplicable weight changes (i.e. weight gain/loss)
    • High cholesterol levels
    • Dry hair or hair loss
    • Chest and back acne
    • Irregular/heavy periods
    • Infertility

Thus, managing hormonal imbalances is needed to encourage optimal health. However, when left untreated, this can cause:

  • Hypo- or hyperthyroidism: When the thyroid cannot produce enough thyroid hormones or it makes excessive amounts. Weight gain, fatigue, and an intolerance to cold temperatures may ensue. Learn more
  • Adrenal fatigue: Happens when the adrenals do not produce ideal cortisol levels, which could produce sleep issues and digestive issues. Learn more
  • Infertility: Anovulation, PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), and other reproductive-related conditions could interfere with conception. Learn more
  • Low testosterone (known as hypogonadism): can significantly affect the overall health status of a male, especially regarding sexual health, cognition (memory), body composition, muscle mass, and mood. Some men may experience low libido, weak bone density, erectile dysfunction, and develop increased risks for heart disease. Learn more
  • Menopause: This is when estrogen and progesterone levels diminish near the end of a woman’s “reproductive years”; can cause a wide variety of physical and emotional transitions (i.e. hot flashes, depression, vaginal dryness). Learn more

Next Step: How to Improve Your Hormone Health

If wonky hormones are troubling you, please contact us for customized integrative care. Our goal is to unravel the root of your hormonal health concerns using integrative functional medicine treatments. Our personalized approach to wellness amalgamates allopathic medicine, naturopathic medicine, IV vitamin therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, nutrition, and other clinical therapies.

Your experience as a Toronto Functional Medicine Centre patient includes a distinctive health care plan – and it’s tailored for your needs only! Click here to learn about our hormonal support services.


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