The Customized IV Drip

Why Is A Customized IV Therapy Drip Better For You?

Health is personal. Whether it’s your genetics, eating habits or response to medication, your health is a unique collection of activities and behaviors that are anything but cookie-cutter.

Have you ever wondered if your current IV drip is the one that your body needs the most?

IV nutrient therapy delivers high doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants that your body requires for optimal health; this can support a range of acute and chronic conditions, such as dehydration, nutrient deficiency, fatigue, cancer, low mood, compromised immune function and more. When you opt for a customized IV drip, your health perspectives are always considered.

The Advantages of a Personalized IV Drip

For your next IV drip, book a visit with a naturopathic doctor so that your drip addresses your health needs only. In our clinic, we offer patients a number of customized IV drips in different combinations, which take each patient’s health into consideration.

Here are 5 reasons why custom IV therapies are advantageous to you:

1. They are preservative-free. Made-to-order customized IV drips are created with the highest quality, additive-free ingredients.

2. Custom IV drips reduce any unwanted symptoms because they avoid ingredients or preservatives that patients may be allergic or sensitive to.

3. They address what matters most to your health, not anyone else’s. Each IV formula is a custom-made mixture of amino acids, vitamins, antioxidants, fluids, detoxifiers, and other supplements that are tailored to your current ailments and health goals.

4. You are in control of your health. When you customize your IV therapy drip, the naturopathic doctor and the patient join forces to find a solution that addresses individual health concerns. As a result, you have more control over your health decisions, which may contribute to improving your health status faster.

5. Personalized IV drips help maximize your well-being. When you have an engaging relationship with your naturopathic doctor, more is understood about your health; this means there is more knowledge and recommendations your naturopathic doctor can share with you to improve your well-being.

Next Steps: How to Customize Your IV Therapy

At Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre, we cater to individual needs by providing personalized made-to-order IV drips, which contain vitamins, minerals and amino acids that help restore your health. These customized IV drips help enable you to turn your health visions into reality – so that you can look, feel and live well based on your needs only.

Follow these steps to create personal IV drips at Dr. Amauri Wellness Centre:

1. Fill in our intake forms and email or fax them to us prior to your first visit. (Call 416-922-4114 to receive these forms.)

2. Send us a copy of your latest blood work.

3. Our naturopathic doctor then reviews your medical information to make sure there are no contraindications and to help determine your personalized drip ingredients.

4. Finally, book a consult with the clinic’s naturopathic doctor to discuss your customized IV drip and learn how the ingredients will benefit your health needs.

Learn more about customizing your IV therapy in Toronto – click here to leave us a message about personalizing IV drips and we’ll contact you shortly.

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