Medical Evaluation Toronto ON

Complete Integrative Functional Medicine Evaluation & Proactive Lab Testing

The process begins with initial blood, urine and/or saliva tests. A comprehensive analysis is crucial before starting any health longevity program. This helps us determine the specific nutraceuticals (vitamins and supplements), medications, diet, and lifestyle best suited for you.

We perform metabolic tests (usually by blood serum) that analyse the health of your blood, liver, kidney, lipids, and hormones, and check for markers of cardiac disease and diabetes. There will also be follow-up tests to confirm your hormone levels by blood or saliva. In addition, we use specialized tests to check your “antioxidant status” and bio-markers of aging.

Depending on individual patient requirements, we also conduct functional diagnostic tests to determine the aging of your body.

Together, these tests give us an overall picture of your body’s defense mechanisms and help us determine how fast your body’s organs are aging.

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