Detoxification and Anti-Aging Programs

What you should know:

People often don’t realize that the human body has its own extraordinary detox system.

The three critical organs involved in natural detoxification are:

Acts like a filter in preventing toxic substances contained in foods from passing into your blood stream.

Have bacteria that produce both healthy and unhealthy chemicals. This goal is to keep your colon flowing regularly, since its main role is to flush out any toxic chemicals.

Are continuously filtering your blood and getting rid of toxins in the form of urine.

For the best results in a detox program, these three key organs need to be supported by nourishing your body with the right nutrients. Any effective full body cleanse, detox or other type of cleansing program should be designed to accelerate your body’s natural detoxifying process. An anti-aging detox and/or diet can reverse the signs of aging by rejuvenating the body’s organs through blood purification and detoxification. Only once the body’s toxins have been expelled can the process of reverse aging begin. Our longevity program will provide you with nutrient rich supplements and the foods you need to detox your body and begin the anti-aging process.

Our Toronto Functional Medicine Centre’s practitioners offer integrative and functional medicine programs to patients. The Program was created to help you improve your wellness and anti-aging regimeas well as disease prevention and ongoing care to optimize each patient’s health.

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