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Metabolic Reset Detoxification

Metabolic Reset Detoxification Program

Metabolic Reset Detoxification Program

Address Weight Goals and Improve Wellness with our Metabolic Reset Detoxification Program (2-4 Week Program)

Hit the reset button on your health! Modify your wellness goals today to help sustain your desired weight and revise your health priorities.

At the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, we have designed the Metabolic Reset Detoxification program, which encourages you to:

  • Establish your health and wellness objectives
  • Boost food and nutrition goals
  • Support your energy levels and metabolism
  • Step up your body’s natural metabolic detoxification

This natural body-reset program is dedicated to achieving weight loss while promoting optimal health. The protocol consists of implementing healthy eating habits that can be applied on a long-term basis.

Although the body may naturally metabolize and remove toxins, excessive toxins in the body – combined with poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices – may result in a toxic, overburdened system. In turn, this may cause excessive inflammation, immune function suppression, altered metabolism and hormonal malfunction, which may interfere with the body’s physiology and function.

The Metabolic Reset Detoxification program provides you with nutritional and supplementation guidelines; these guidelines support the elimination of toxic build-up, while helping to curb inflammation and regulate hormones.

What to Expect During Your Program Visits

  • Your first appointment will last 45 minutes and consist of a case history and assessment with our health practitioners. This appointment will include a physical exam (body composition testing by a bio-impedance machine) and recommendations for appropriate blood and urine testing (i.e. checking insulin, inflammatory markers, thyroid, blood sugar, liver, kidney and some essential vitamins and minerals).
  • Each appointment will discuss dietary recommendations to support detoxification and to reset your diet and wellness goals. You will also receive customized dietary supplement recommendations that apply to your health needs only.
  • Ongoing support via email and phone
  • 30-minute follow-up appointments
  • Elective paid 30-minute consultations are also available with appointments.

Let’s restart your health goals to foster a wholesome lifestyle and detoxification! At our Toronto clinic, our practitioners are jointly offering integrative functional medicine programs, including the Metabolic Reset Detoxification program. Also, we understand it can be challenging to pencil in much-needed health care. So after your first in-person appointment, you’re welcome to attend your appointments via telehealth or in-person. To learn more about this natural health program, contact us today.


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