Toronto Functional Medicine Centre will continue to serve new and current patients for essential services. Consults may be conducted in-person, through telephone or through our new telemedicine video portal. These web video calls will allow us to remotely care for our patients, while protecting them, our friends and ourselves during this challenging time.


Preparing for Your First Telemedicine Consult

Prior to your first telemedicine consult, you will be required to fill in our online forms. We will send you an electronic version of the forms once you schedule your appointment.

Our clinic uses a secure encrypted app, Jane App, for scheduling appointments and conducting telemedicine video calls. Once your appointment is scheduled, you will receive a message from our encrypted app notifying you of your online appointment and consent for virtual consult. This message will include a link where the telemedicine call will occur. You will also be asked to create a username and password with the Jane App. (Note: the link will be available one hour before your appointment.)

Come appointment time, your video call will begin and the call will be encrypted and secure at all times.


  • We highly recommend Chrome or Firefox browsers for your telemedicine calls.
  • At this time, telemedicine calls can only be conducted on your tablet or laptop. If this changes, we will notify you.

Depending on the situation, some essential services require in-person visits to the clinic. Toronto Functional Medicine Centre may also conduct telephone consults for essential services. Please phone us at (416) 968-6961 or click here to book your phone appointment.

Follow-up Appointments

We are scheduling follow-up appointments for essential services. Some follow-up essential services may require in-person appointments. If follow-up essential services can be conducted through phone or telemedicine though, we will follow this route for safety purposes.

If any testing is recommended during your consultations, testing kits can be shipped directly to you after your remote appointment.

NOTE: If any medications and supplements are prescribed to you, they can be delivered to your door. These orders will be fulfilled after your remote appointment has ended.

If you have any questions or need to schedule your appointments, click here to email us or call (416) 968-6961.