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6 Crucial Facts on Chelation Therapy from our IV Therapy Toronto Lounge


Did you know our vitamin IV therapy Toronto Lounge provides treatments outside of intravenous therapies? 

At the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre (TFMC), our health practitioners offer integrated health care, which may potentially influence optimal function, while contributing to positive effects on energy levels, chronic pain, and post-disease symptoms. This is why we offer a wide range of modalities, including naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, Western medicine, and chelation therapy. 

Chelation therapy is an elective treatment that aims to rid the body of toxins. It works by detoxifying dangerous heavy metals that have been accrued in soft tissues. But how can heavy metals enter the human body to begin with? We discuss how these toxicities occur and important facts about chelation therapy treatments. 

Functional medicine approach to heavy metal toxicities

Exposures to heavy metals are surprisingly commonplace – and when they occur, they can cause detriment to your cognitive function (brain fog), liver detoxification, immune cells, muscle function, and more. Here are some ways exposure to metal toxicities can happen:

  • When your job involves heavy metal materials (i.e. gasoline, paint, mining, pesticides)
  • Inhaling excessive levels of air pollutants or lead paint.
  • Consuming fish from mercury-containing waters 
  • Dental amalgams
  • Drinking water that’s contaminated from older piping 
  • When kids touch or taste toys that contain lead
  • From using medications that require metal as a key ingredient
Quick Tip
Removing your shoes inside your home could impact optimal functioning by avoiding harmful toxins. This is because your shoes can drag in contaminants, such as dust, pesticides, bacteria, and viral cells.

When your body collects dangerous metal toxins, this increases your risks for health complications, including kidney dysfunction, nervous system disorders, immune system dysfunction, cancers and different types of anemia, while encouraging dehydration, weakness, memory and breathing issues. If you think toxins are impeding your optimal hydration or wellness, you should know that chelation therapy is available in the GTA. 

Must-know chelation therapy details 

In our IV Lounge, we teach patients to nourish the body with nutrients, and chelation therapy is sometimes discussed. Here are some crucial facts to know about it: 

  1. You may be a candidate for it if you’ve tested positive for heavy metal overload, and have no contraindications to oral or IV chelation therapy. If you don’t have a positive test result for heavy metals, yet you have symptoms that may be linked to this toxicity, you will be advised to get functional medicine lab tests conducted. One such test is a toxic element clearance profile, which measures for mercury, nickel, and other harmful elements in the body. It may be conducted while monitoring your clearance of toxins. 
  2. Chelation therapy uses therapeutic doses of chemical agents (i.e. ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) in pill form (oral supplementation) or as an intravenous infusion drip under special circumstances. When the chelating agent is in your body, it snatches metallic molecules from your body tissues (ie. connective tissue, epithelial tissue, muscle tissue, and nervous tissue). Then the chemical is excreted via the kidneys through urination, which also eliminates metals. 
  3. EDTA and other chelators such DMSA and DMPS are used to remove toxic metals. But they may also remove healthy levels of “good” minerals required for optimal health, such as manganese, copper and zinc. Thus, it’s important to work with your health practitioner to correct deficiencies linked to major minerals and key vitamins prior to and after a chelation session. 
  4. This treatment has also been given for cardiovascular issues, Alzheimer’s and autism. However, scientists agree that further research is needed to confirm that chelation therapy is suitable for health conditions outside of heavy metal poisoning.
  5. Kids, pregnant patients, and people with liver, kidney malfunction and heart failure cannot have chelation therapy administered due to safety reasons.  

Chelation therapy could improve your well-being, as it eliminates harmful substances that may be the root of your health worries. You might experience mental clarity in your daily routine or reduced nerve pain levels (peripheral neuropathy) when metals have been cleared. Once you have possible vitamin and mineral deficiencies alleviated, too, you can resume a healthy lifestyle. 

When left untreated, heavy metal poisoning could instigate additional issues, such as immune health concerns, irritable bowel syndrome, or ADHD. Please visit a functional medicine provider if you’re worried about these toxicities. When you get a complete diagnostic session conducted at the TFMC, we can discuss testing for both heavy metal exposure and nutrient deficiencies. After all, the “[d]eficiency of several essential nutrients, namely vitamins and essential elements [minerals], has been shown to exacerbate the toxic effects of metals,” confirms research in the Journal of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. Reach out to our private downtown clinic to request your initial consultation with our health care team (nurse practitioner, naturopathic doctor and medical doctor). 

How our clinic works

The TFMC provides a personalized service of health care, tailoring your treatment plan for personal needs, such as health goals related to mental clarity or physical performance. If you can’t make it to your consultation, no problem! We offer virtual consultations for your convenience (some conditions may apply).  

In our IV Lounge, vital nutrients are freshly compounded for IV therapy drips using only natural ingredients. As we adhere to integrative functional medicine, our IV drip menu items are customized in line with this model. This is how we target your chief health concerns as an individual patient. We recognize you as a unique entity, so no patient is ever compared to another! 

Intravenous infusion drips provide a full absorption of nutrients without use of the digestive tract; they may be given to address minor issues (i.e. hangover symptom, mineral replenishment) to managing the functioning of nerves, wound healing, and red blood cell production.

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IV vitamin drips may be amalgamated into your treatment plan as adjunct support. Our intravenous drip menu contains an array of essential nutrients, including vitamin C (ascorbic acid), glutamic acid (L-glutamic acid), a medley of amino acids, N- Acetylcysteine, vitamin A, vitamin E, and glutathione. Vitamin D booster shots are also available upon request. Rest assured, each IV drip therapy session is closely monitored by a naturopathic doctor or medical doctor to ensure your safety and comfort. 

New patients are invited to join our functional medicine programs. Take this opportunity to address your health concerns and possibly reach optimal health! Our functional medicine team can tailor treatments for health concerns related to autoimmune conditions, muscle recovery, athletic performance, infertility, cell synthesis, brain function, immune function, chronic fatigue, nail/hair growth, glucose metabolism, electrolyte imbalances, iron absorption/iron levels, healthy ageing, and more.

Let’s help unravel your potential today – IV therapy from our Toronto clinic could contribute to an energy boost, shortened recovery time, and other beneficial effects. Fill out our contact form to request your consultation for chelation therapy or IV nutrient therapy. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. This information should not be used to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting a doctor. Consult with a health care practitioner before relying on any information in this article or on this website.



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