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How Toronto IV Therapy Patients Can Upgrade Vitamin D Levels


It’s hard to believe that many Canadians, especially patients of IV therapy in Toronto, need to be treated for a vitamin D deficiency.

But this isn’t a surprise to integrative functional medicine practitioners and naturopathic doctors. Because depending on where you live, geography impacts your vitamin D levels.

As Canadians, we need vitamin D to maintain optimal functioning, during those harsh winter months! But according to Statistics Canada, countries in the northern hemisphere, including Canada, have “fewer ultraviolet B (UVB) photons reaching the earth. This means that very little, if any, vitamin D is produced by the body in the winter.”

Vitamin D is a key component of calcium absorption, bone maintenance, and nerve and cellular functioning. It also has beneficial effects for fighting off viruses. Below, we emphasize the importance of this essential vitamin and how to supplement it through food, oral vitamins, intravenous drip injection therapies or intramuscular injections.

Vitamin D Facts for Toronto Intravenous Therapy Patients

  • Vitamin D is made in the body when bare skin is exposed to sun. But according to Statistics Canada, “The body’s ability to produce vitamin D from the sun also declines with age. For example, a person aged 70 makes, on average, 25% of the vitamin D that a 20-year-old makes when exposed to the same amount of sunlight.”
  • The following people should note their vitamin D levels, as they’re at risk of a deficiency: the elderly; those who are pregnant, obese, have dark skin pigmentation; those who wear additional coverings such as scarves and robes; people with malabsorption issues (i.e. Crohn’s disease).
  • Vitamin D deficiency symptoms include rickets in children, bone pain, fatigue, low immunity, muscle pain, hair loss, high blood pressure, weak bones, fractures from falls in older individuals.
  • Vitamin D has positive effects on immune function: “… it promotes differentiation of monocytes to macrophages and increases their killing capacity; modulates the production of inflammatory cytokines; and supports antigen presentation,” states an article from Nutrients.
  • Research has linked low vitamin D levels with fractures. Supplementation may help though, “as long as it is taken in a high enough dose,” clarifies the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Treating a Toronto Vitamin D Deficiency

People who don’t supplement with vitamin D tend to have double the rate of getting a vitamin D deficiency. So how can we supplement? First, have functional medicine blood tests done to thoroughly check all nutrient levels. Functional medicine naturopathic doctors then may recommend dietary changes, oral vitamins, vitamin IV therapy or intramuscular shots.

You can eat vitamin D-rich foods, such as egg yolks, red meat, salmon, mushrooms and fortified foods. Naturopathic doctors may also recommend a high-quality daily supplement and suitable dosages for your health goals.

If you dislike pills or suffer from malabsorption, IV drip therapy is suggested to promote the absorption of nutrients. These specific vitamin treatments can help patients correct deficiencies, such as folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin C, or vitamin D, while promoting blood cell production. Intravenous drip therapy inserts a mixture of vitamins, like major minerals or vitamin D, into an IV that is inserted into the blood vessels.

Another option is an intramuscular injection: therapeutic doses of vitamin D are inserted into the muscle and progressively released to the blood flow. Keep in mind that IV therapy and intramuscular shots must be discussed with a health care practitioner to rule out allergic reactions or medication interactions.

Improving Vitamin D Levels at Our Integrative Center for Functional Medicine

The amounts of nutrients we consume matter. And clearly, vitamin D should be a priority for all ages. If you need to heighten your vitamin D intake, energy levels and immune function, or you need to know about basic vitamin needs, the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre is here to help.

Our Toronto-based clinic adheres to integrative medicine, with a focus on functional medicine, allopathic medicine, and naturopathy. Our roster of vitamin drip treatments includes high-dose vitamin C (ascorbic acid), a medley of amino acids, Myers Cocktail, additional b vitamins, and other essential vitamins.

Conditions we address include: mineral deficiencies, body stress, skin rejuvenation, thyroid conditions, chronic fatigue, cellular damage, tissue repair, adrenal fatigue/adrenal function, oxidative stress, athletic recovery, fertility issues, hormonal imbalances, brain function concerns, and other health issues. Our integrative and functional medicine treatments may be applied to both in-person and virtual visits.

Let’s steer you towards optimal health and improve your nutrient absorption. Click here to contact us for vitamin D supplements or IV therapy in Toronto. See you soon!


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