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What is Taurine? Our IV Therapy Toronto Lounge Answers


From upgrading athletic performance to improving heart health, taurine IV therapy from Toronto could offer support.

As a key ingredient or part of a combination of ingredients, it might contribute to brain function, physical performance, and more. “Results of many clinical studies have been encouraging, suggesting a promising future for taurine therapy. Equally promising are studies showing the nutritional value of taurine,” explains a paper from the Biomolecules and Therapeutics journal.

Taurine is an amino acid rich in sulfur. But it’s not a protein-building block like other amino acids, so it’s “conditionally essential”. This means it’s vital only for when the body is under pressure (i.e. when you’re sick).

This nutrient is linked to a wide range of bodily processes, such as stabilizing electrolytes for cell health and providing antioxidant support. It also does the following in the human body:

  • Helps improve digestive health.
  • Supports mineral intake for cellular functioning.
  • Fosters immune function
  • Sustains vision health and the central nervous system

“Accumulating studies have shown that Taurine supplementation also protects against pathologies associated with mitochondrial defects, such as aging, mitochondrial diseases, metabolic syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders.”
– Molecules Journal, August 13, 2021

Along with exercise and a balanced diet, taurine supplements could offer advantages to your wellness. The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre explains these beneficial effects, and how to reach us for your initial consultation. 

Advantages of taurine supplementation

  • Shows promise in reducing heart disease risks: Cardiac patients may want to keep this supplement in mind. In a Japanese study, it was shown that triacylglycerol levels, atherogenic index levels, and body weight were reduced when taurine supplements were consumed for seven weeks. “These results suggest that taurine produces a beneficial effect on lipid metabolism and may have an important role in cardiovascular disease prevention in overweight or obese subjects,” noted the study, which was published in the journal Amino Acids
  • It helps sustain mitochondrial health: Mitochondria are the “powerhouses” of cellular energy. Due to its sulfur content, taurine holds many physiological tasks in the human body, such as supporting mitochondrial health. Various studies have demonstrated how the amino acid shields against mitochondrial faults, including aging, cancers, heart diseases, metabolic syndrome and both mitochondrial and neurological disorders. In vitro and in vivo studies have also shown that taurine could help inhibit oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction. Thus, it has potential in improving cell vitality, though further research is needed on mitochondria’s reliance on the supplement.
  • Could potentially improve endurance for athletic endeavors: In one study, the amino acid was measured for its impact on athletic performance and oxidative stress linked to physical activity. “After supplementation, the change in taurine concentration showed positive correlations with the changes in exercise time to exhaustion and maximal workload,” confirmed a piece from Amino Acids. “The results suggest that taurine may attenuate exercise-induced DNA damage and enhance the capacity of exercise due to its cellular protective properties.” Additional effects of this supplement may include impacts on aerobic and anaerobic actions, such as helping offset muscle damage and metabolic stress, while optimizing recovery.  

What’s next? 

If you’re interested in taurine supplements to support energy levels, a healthcare provider can establish if they’re suitable for you. We suggest consulting with a functional medicine-practicing health provider for a personalized approach to your wellness. You may be advised to implement dietary changes, oral supplements, or add vitamin IV therapy to your wellness protocol. This encompasses inserting a customized nutritional formula directly into your bloodstream, which offers a full absorption of nutrients without using the digestive tract. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, these types of treatments could encourage optimal functioning. 

How can integrative medicine and intravenous therapy impact your health goals? Find out at our clinical practice, where we tailor functional medicine-inspired drips just for you! IV vitamin infusions could offer a nutritional benefit for clients with acute illness (immune function), chronic illness (chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic sinusitis), brain fog, blood pressure concerns, age-related diseases, and/or mental health matters (depression symptoms, anxiety symptoms). Continue reading to learn about our clinic. 

Details about the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre

Our functional medicine treatments highlight your genetics, environment, and lifestyle to tackle the root of your health concerns. Our goal is for you to reach optimal functioning based on your unique biology. We uphold an integrative approach, which is a combination of modalities used for treating your health status. Customized health strategies may include Western and Eastern medicine, naturopathic medicine, hormone therapy, acupuncture, and/or intravenous therapy.  

Intravenous drips are administered in our IV Lounge, and are closely supervised by our medical doctor, naturopathic doctor and nurse practitioner. Our IV therapy drips are freshly compounded without added preservatives, and tailored in relation to functional medicine wisdom. A custom blend of nutrients is available in therapeutic doses, which can include vitamin C (ascorbic acid), glutamic acid, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+ IV therapy), Myers cocktail, mistletoe, folic acid, or other vital nutrients such as lysine, potassium, manganese, and many more.

Do you have specific health goals? If so, let us know and we can discuss a combination of ingredients for your vitamin drip treatment. 

What’s hindering your optimal health? Discover tailor-made treatments and IV therapy from our Toronto clinic – call (416) 968-6961 or click here to request your first visit. 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. This information should not be used to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting a doctor. Consult with a health care practitioner before relying on any information in this article or on this website.


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