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IV therapy Toronto facts on threonine for optimal health and functioning


Our IV therapy Toronto lounge can offer a combination of amino acids for your intravenous drip. These are the core components behind protein, which are necessary for optimal function in the body!

When amalgamated with a healthy lifestyle, amino acid supplements can offer a plethora of beneficial effects. They can act as a cellular energy source, assist with blood flow, provide a metabolism boost, and promote mental clarity and post-exercise recovery. Thus, patients who want to level-up physical performance or correct deficiencies related to protein may opt for amino acids in their treatment plans. 

You should know that threonine is one amino acid we may advise as a key ingredient for adjunct support, especially for compounding an intravenous therapy vitamin drip. Threonine is an “essential” amino acid, just like isoleucine and tryptophan. Being “essential” means that it’s mandatory for the body to get it, even though threonine cannot be synthesized by the body. Since we can’t sustain a steady natural supply of it, we must outsource threonine from food or supplements.  

Also known by its active form L-threonine, the nutrient is a protein residue inside your teeth and collagen. It also holds significance in metabolizing fat and inhibiting excess amounts of fat from forming in the liver. “Useful with intestinal disorders and indigestion, threonine has also been used to alleviate anxiety and mild depression,” confirms the National Center for Biotechnology Information. 

Here are some facts to know about this vital nutrient:

  • Threonine helps build additional amino acids in the human body: In order for the body to create serine and glycine – two amino acids that act as anti-inflammatory components and contribute to cellular health, muscle recovery, brain function  – threonine must be present. This is because threonine is a precursor to these nutrients. 
  • Contributes to the healthy growth of bones and muscles: “As the most abundant protein in the body, collagen is essential to maintain the normal structure and strength of connective tissue, such as bones, skin, cartilage, and blood vessels,” states the journal Amino Acids. In order to have ideal collagen levels though, we require threonine because it’s also a precursor to collagen.
  • It fosters immune function: Without threonine, we wouldn’t have a properly-functioning immune system! Threonine and other amino acids are necessary for building immune cells (T lymphocytes), which we need for the body to combat viral cells and infections.
  • Helps with protting the digestive tract: What’s unique is how threonine helps construct a mucus layer, which shields the digestive tract; in turn, threonine safeguards the gut from harsh digestive enzymes. “Among essential amino acids, threonine has a prominent role in maintaining a healthy gut,” confirms a Frontiers in Physiology article.
  • Could support wound healing: It’s been postulated that upping threonine in combination with other amino acids could progress wound healing, especially during the process of recovery from burns. This is because your body tends to release these amounts of nutrients through urinary incontinence, especially after physical trauma. Threonine supplementation for post-surgery or post-injury purposes, then, may have some beneficial effects.

Note: Please consult with a health practitioner (i.e. medical doctor, naturopathic doctor, etc.) prior to taking threonine supplements. Oral intake side effects may include nausea or rashes. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, consuming a balanced diet is advised rather than amino acid supplements. Studies have not shown yet whether this supplementation is suitable during pregnancy/breastfeeding.

Is there such a thing as threonine deficiency?

If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you may be at risk of threonine deficiency. This is because the amino acid must be consumed from partcular foods, such as meat. Symptoms of this deficiency may include:

– Poor absorption of nutrients
– Digestive issues
– Mood swings
– Heightened live fat

At the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, we offer lab tests to very nutritional shortcoming. Contact us to learn more.

Threonine supplementation is generally safe. If you’re interested in sustaining these levels for your health condition, try eating threonine-rich foods, such as bananas, eggs, lentils, dairy, and organic chicken. Or you can take oral supplementation with capsules or powders. IV therapy (known as intravenous vitamin therapy or IV drip therapy) can also be compounded to contain additional amino acids, and may be suitable for patients with an aversion to pill-swallowing or malabsorption. Intravenous fluids are blended with key vitamins and other nutrients, then directed into the blood stream for optimal hydration. When IV therapy fluids are combined with functional medicine therapies and a healthy regime, they could foster optimal health.

How we guide you to use threonine, amino acids, and other supplements

Not sure how to add supplements to your daily routine? Don’t worry, we can teach you how to take oral supplementation through powders or capsules. Also, threonine is available in our private downtown clinic when fused with a medley of amino acids for IV therapy.

To get vitamin IV therapy or a functional medicine consult, request your complete diagnostic session using the link below. This is an appointment in which our health care team can uncover key nutrients for your individual health goals. We may also suggest functional medicine lab testing, which we use as tools for identifying a nutritional deficiency, hormone imbalance, food sensitivity, etc.

Request your initial consultation at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre

We understand that symptoms can become physically and mentally draining as daily challenges. Our goal is to rejuvenate your wellness to help tackle the root cause of your health issues. Our functional medicine providers are eager to customize treatment plans; after all, personalized therapies can target your chief health concerns according to your biology, medical history, lifestyle/environmental factors, and lab results.

Our integrative therapies, including naturopathic medicine, allopathic medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and bio-identical hormone therapy, are consistent with the principles of functional medicine. This aids us in determining your therapeutic doses of nutrients for IV nutrient therapy, too. Our IV Lounge has many nutrients available, such as vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), folic acid, glutamic acid, N- Acetylcysteine, NAD+, major minerals, and other natural ingredients.

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Due to our plentiful menu, we can address various health concerns related to immune health, autoimmune conditions, cognitive function, brain fog, chronic pain, electrolyte imbalances, lack of energy/chronic fatigue syndrome, athletic performance, nail growth, glucose metabolism, chronic inflammation, mineral deficiencies, muscle recovery, menopausal symptoms, and more. Let’s bring light back to your health!

Modify your therapies with major antioxidants, essential vitamins, and other nutrients. Request your session for IV therapy from the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre – click here now.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. This information should not be used to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting a doctor. Consult with a health care practitioner before relying on any information in this article or on this website.



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