Top 9 Museums You Need to Visit in Toronto

Do you enjoy period drama movies on Netflix? Are you a history buff? Maybe you’re looking for something unique to do in Toronto with your family and friends. Whatever the case, here’s a must-have list of Toronto museums you need to see today:

Hockey Hall of Fame

As one of Toronto’s top attractions, this is the place for hockey (and non-hockey) fans. Check out a hockey 3D movie, get a personal look at the Stanley Cup, and walk through the museum’s hockey memorabilia collection.

The Bata Shoe Museum

If Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw could visit one Toronto museum, it would be this one. With five floors and over 1,000 shoes highlighted, walk through the history of shoes, including Chinese bound foot shoes and chestnut crushing clogs from France.

Toronto Police Museum and Discovery Centre

Based inside the Police Headquarters building, learn about policing through new and old displays. Policing topics range from the year 1834 to present day. All visitors must call 416-808- 7020 to book their visit.

Royal Ontario Museum (ROM)

If your friends and family members have different interests, the ROM will satisfy you all. Check out dinosaur bones, Ancient Egyptian collections, Chinese architecture and Roman artifacts. Note: the ROM is easily accessible via TTC.

Design Exchange

Toronto is home to this museum, the only kind in Canada that celebrates the heritage of design. Presentations range from furniture and fashion to outstanding architecture. Sift through five decades of design paraphernalia, including textiles, lights and electronics.

CBC Museum

Tucked inside the Toronto Broadcasting Centre, get an up-close look at broadcasting archives from 1936. Also, you’ll find yourself getting nostalgic with CBC’s unique displays, such as the tickle trunk from Mr. Dressup and a mic from 1910.

Enoch Turner Schoolhouse

Did you know that Toronto’s oldest free school is still in its original condition? Discover the ins and outs of a Victorian schoolhouse, such as writing on slate boards and using wooden desks.

If you’ve been to one or two of these Toronto museums before, which one would you recommend? Let your friends know and take them to one of these museums!