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Glutathione IV – 3 Little Known Benefits You Should Know About


Glutathione IV is popularly known for its skin whitening effects. It is readily available in the form of pills, and many people have included it as part of their daily supplement. However, only a few know that getting a glutathione IV is far more efficient than its oral form. But, did you also know that there are other life-saving benefits that this IV therapy can offer? Check out the article below to know more.

Benefit #1 Powerful anti-aging formula.

According to Jedha Dening in her article “Vitamin Drip Therapy: The Science Behind This Celebrity Beauty Secret” for, she interviewed Dr. Kristine Blanche who is an IV therapy service provider in New York and Long Island, and she has this to say:

“Yes, it’s my personal favorite for anti-aging. The antioxidant effect of vitamin C and glutathione is very powerful, as it protects against free radicals and scavenges them to prevent cell damage. I tell my patients to think of oxidation from free radicals as a kind of rusting. Antioxidants such as vitamin C prevent the rust, which makes them a potent anti-aging formula. Glutathione is the most powerful anti-aging treatment we use, along with the incredible benefits it provides for the brain!”

The article first appeared on:

Benefit #2  May aid in the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

The article “The Detox Drip with Glutathione: A New Approach to Healing From Chronic Illness” by Michelle Alpert, D.O. highlighted some fascinating findings of the benefits of a gluta drip:

“David Perlmutter, a Florida neurologist, found that intravenous glutathione helps relieve the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Glutathione increases sensitivity to dopamine, which is depleted in Parkinson’s. It may also protect against neurotoxins that may be implicated in the disease. Dr. Perlmutter gave 1400 milligrams of intravenous glutathione three times a week to his Parkinson’s patients, whose symptoms improved, while they were able to reduce the amount of their drugs.”

Read more here:

Benefit #3 Prevents renal oxidative stress.

Renal oxidative stress is commonly found in patients with chronic kidney disease which results in conditions such as diabetes and increased blood pressure. Here’s a snippet of the study abstract published in NCBI about the effectiveness of glutathione IV as a means of preventing this condition from occurring:

“The renal damage by contrast medium-induced oxidative stress occurs soon after  CAG, and intravenous GSH is more effective in preventing the oxidative stress than oral NAC. This advantage may make GSH a potentially more effective therapeutic strategy against CIN.”

*CAG – coronary angiography *GSH – glutathione *NAC – N-acetylcysteine *CIN – contrast-induced nephropathy

The full study is found here:

With these findings in place, I hope you will look at glutathione at a more positive light other than just its aesthetic benefits. Share this article with family and friends so they too can know how a glutathione IV can help improve their loved one’s lives!

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