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NAD IV Therapy – Everything You Need To Know About “The Crown Jewel of Detox”


Have you ever heard of NAD IV therapy? If not, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know this treatment. Dubbed by Harvard Medicine as “The Crown Jewel of Detox”, it could be the ultimate missing link to addiction recovery. Found out more here.

Brief Background

Rich Masterson, co-founder of BrainSpark Health, the first center in the US East Coast to offer NAD IV Therapy, wrote:

“Over the past years, NAD IV Therapy has been getting a lot of attention lately as the preferred choice to stop substance addiction due to not only it’s effectiveness, but also it’s “all-natural and holistic approach”.

According to Emerald Neuro-Recover Centers, Harvard Medicine states that NAD IV Therapy is considered the crown jewel of detox because of it’s rapid cleanse and restoration therapies, and it radically repairs cell damage in the brain and body.” In addition, Amora Scott, Vice President of Emeralds says “The ancient way of treating addiction was to substitute one drug for another, which is only a quick fix. With NAD we can repair the brain and lose the cravings and anxiety of the addiction.”

You can read more here: Brain Spark

NAD Therapy – What is it?

When it comes to addiction recovery, the 12-step program may be a popular choice among many people. NAD therapy may sound foreign and new so here is a simple definition by Megan Whiting of the American Center for Biological Medicine:

“NAD stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is a B-vitamin derivative. NAD is very important in the production of energy in the body. NAD can jumpstart the “brain” of the cell known as the mitochondria and help to improve all the jobs the cell is responsible for. This includes everything from shifting electrolytes in and out of the cell to processing vitamin and supplementation. The potency of the NAD allows for better absorption by bypassing the digestive tract and being delivered straight into the cells.”

Why Use It for Addiction Recovery?

According to the, a referral service that provides information about addiction treatment practitioners and facilities, NAD IV Therapy is the ideal choice because:

“It has been determined that the excessive use of drugs and alcohol will deplete the body’s natural stores of NAD. Because of this, the brain cannot receive the same energy it usually would from breaking down food. NAD Therapy floods the brain with the co-enzyme to replenish its stores, providing three key effects.

– It helps flush out all of the drugs that are still in the user’s system.

– It may curb the cravings for alcohol and Opioids and lessens the pain of withdrawal, making recovery easier physically and mentally.

– It may allow the body to produce energy more naturally, without a crash or jitters like caffeine and sugar or the negative effects that come with other substances.”


Benefits of IV therapy with NAD

California’s NAD Treatment Center™ reports that most of their patients experience the following effects after undergoing treatment:

– Increased concentration

– Improved memory

– Increased mental clarity

– Improved mood

Surprisingly, NAD IV therapy is not only helpful in addiction recovery but other benefits include pain management, heart disease risk reduction, and energy boost to mention a few.

Want to know more about NAD IV therapy? Contact us here. We also offer other IV nutritional therapy such as the Myer’s cocktail, hangover IV, vitamin b12, hydration IV, high-dose IV vitamin C and so much more.

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre offers integrative and functional medicine programs to their patients. The NAD IV therapy treatment was created to help assist the body in restoring neuroreceptor function to an optimal level and support improved sleep, detoxification, cell health replenishment and lengthening your physical and mental longevity.


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