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Metabolic Reset Detoxification

Health and Wellness with Metabolic Reset Detoxification

Health and Wellness with Metabolic Reset Detoxification

Have you ever considered detoxifying your body? On a daily basis, we encounter many toxins that are made up of complex chemicals. These toxins may be deposited in our brain, liver, fatty tissue, arteries and bones. When our bodies cannot naturally eliminate toxins, a toxic overload can result; symptoms may range from excessive inflammation and autoimmune diseases, to unexplained, undiagnosed ailments such as brain fog and excessive fatigue.

Detoxification is a mechanism our bodies inherently possess to neutralize, modify, and eliminate the toxins we’re exposed to throughout life. A natural detox program encourages your body to eliminate toxins, while optimizing your body’s own detoxification systems.

At Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, we offer methods for naturally supporting the body to remove toxins. For each patient, our health practitioners provide a thorough health examination with blood and urine testing. We then design a treatment plan to address excessive toxicity in the body. These individualized treatment plans may include:

  • The Metabolic Reset Detoxification program: Unhealthy food and lifestyle choices may result in excessive toxins in the body. A holistic, nutritious diet may help improve your body’s metabolism while promoting detoxification. Click here to learn more our metabolic reset program.
  • Chelation treatments (for heavy metals toxicities): Exposure to heavy metals may cause numbness, fatigue, memory loss, and more. Chelation therapy helps eliminate heavy metals from your blood using a chelating agent. Click here to learn more about chelation therapy.

Consider detoxifying your body to promote optimal health in the long run. Our health practitioners offer integrative functional medicine programs at our Toronto clinic, including the above detoxification plans. To learn about these treatments and more, contact us to book your appointment.


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