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Lipotropic (MIC) Injections for Weight Management: A Guide from Our IV therapy Toronto Lounge


If you’re seeking new weight management support tools, our IV therapy Toronto practice would like to introduce you to MIC injections!

Lipotropic (MIC) injections may be used as additional therapy to other weight-loss strategies (i.e. exercise, nutritional supplements, diet). They contain a combination of ingredients: the amino acid methionine, inositol, and the nutrient choline. Usually given to patients as an injection therapy, it could help lessen fat production.

Next to losing body fat and possibly improved brain function, other beneficial effects may be noted after undergoing multiple lipotropic injection treatments. These may include:

  • Potential support for inflammation reduction
  • Improved skin attributes
  • Modest alleviation of chronic liver disease
  • Might also improve cardiovascular and muscle health

So how do these IV therapy-related injections work? In this post, we discuss what’s in a MIC-compounded formula, supplementary lipolysis methods, and details about the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre.

Breaking down a MIC injection

When combined with a healthy lifestyle and diet, the agents in this IV drip might promote the loss of  extra pounds and optimal functioning. What exactly is involved in this treatment? And what makes these ingredients constructive for weight loss?

  • Methionine: this amino acid is an antioxidant that encourages the human body to release somatotropin, a hormone that triggers fat-burning. If your health goals involve exercise, methionine could improve tissue repair and physical performance, as it might contribute to lean muscle mass and energy levels. It also assists with detoxifying chemicals that could hinder metabolism and cause DNA damage, like heavy metals.
  • Inositol:  this is a unique sugar that contributes to improved brain function and balancing neurotransmitters. It’s been shown to improve insulin resistance, which is when your body ignores insulin signals. In fact, one study on women with gestational diabetes showed that inositol could be beneficial for treating insulin resistance.
  • Choline: according to the Journal of Nutrition, this nutrient “…can promote liver health by maintaining cholesterol homeostasis.” It assists the body by helping metabolize fats, breaking fat down for energy expenditure. “This action of choline makes it valuable in preventing conditions like fatty liver or excess fat in the blood. Choline’s efficient metabolism of fats has also been linked to a greater level of satiety, which, in turn, leads to a decreased consumption of calories, resulting in overall weight loss,” confirms an article from the Journal of Human Kinetics. 

To inquire about MIC injections, please contact the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre. We might also recommend supplementary adjunct therapies for weight loss to improve your absorption rate and energy levels, and promote optimal health. Continue reading to learn about other weight-loss strategies that use synergistic nutrients for related IV treatments.

Other supportive therapies that might contribute to healthy metabolism

When combined with a wholesome diet, exercise, and other lifestyle modification tools, these supplements may be considered:

  • Vitamin B12 shot: This might help with heightening brain health and blood cell production, and it’s given as an intramuscular shot. Studies have shown that low B12 levels have been linked to obesity; however, supplementation may increase levels and incite a metabolism boost.
  • IV nutrient therapy: Did you know that free radicals can deter metabolism and cause DNA damage? IV nutrient therapy, otherwise known as IV therapy or intravenous therapy, consists of administering high doses of nutritional ingredients directly into your vein. As adjunct therapy, IV therapy could help replenish nutritional deficiencies that might be impeding metabolism. Functional medicine testing is necessary to determine what exactly you’re deficient in.

Our functional medicine providers are here for consultations if you need help meeting weight-loss health goals. B12 shots, MIC injections, and supportive intravenous drips are available at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre.

Note: A functional medicine practitioner should be consulted for nutritional injections and IV treatments. If you’re on medications, some of them may interact with B12 injections. An initial consultation is mandatory prior to your first intravenous infusion therapy. This is a complete diagnostic session that will cover beneficial ingredients for future IV therapy drips and any allergies to the drip content.

About our intramuscular shots, functional medicine treatments and intravenous therapy

Integrative and functional medicine can be applied to a variety of health concerns, such as chronic fatigue syndrome, cellular damage, oxidative stress, adrenal function, blood sugar levels, mineral deficiencies, anti-aging effects, mental performance, viral illness, autoimmune conditions, and more.

At our Toronto-based clinic, it’s an honor to provide patients with a personalized service for their wellness. Customizing functional medicine treatments allows us to recognize patients as unique entities, especially when it comes to symptom relief and root causes.

Our vitamin drip treatments are comprised of safe ingredients, and they’re compounded daily. Some of the beneficial ingredients we carry for therapy drips include: a medley of amino acids, nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+ IV therapy), mistletoe, zinc, glutamic acid, major minerals, among others. Vitamin D and vitamin B12 are available as intramuscular injections. Our high-dose vitamin C drip is also available at the Toronto Functional Medicine Centre, and might help with addressing immune function and seasonal infections.

Let’s create a new zest for life with customized health strategies! For information about our functional medicine programs, intramuscular shots, and IV therapy in Toronto, click here to contact us.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is designed for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for informed medical advice or care. This information should not be used to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting a doctor. Consult with a health care practitioner before relying on any information in this article or on this website.


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