Top 3 Activities You Can Do In Toronto For Free

Toronto is thriving with a number of attractions, activities and even its diverse community of migrants and natives. Although it is not the most expensive city in the world, if you are not careful enough, it will surely burn a hole in your pockets! Luckily, places where you do not need to spend a penny also exists in the Toronto.

For Art Enthusiasts: Gallery and Museum Visits

Who says visiting world-class museums is not possible? A lot of these art galleries offers admissions with no price at specific times.

Firstly, The Art Gallery Of Ontario, it hosts a collection of more than 1000 years, paintings, and sculptures by the famous European artists, contemporary arts, and documentaries. It opens from Tuesdays until Sunday but the best part to enjoy an extensive collection of these artworks are on Wednesdays from 6 to 8:30 in the evening.

Another famous museum worth visiting is the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, although it’s not entirely free, it’s 6000 square feet exhibition space of pay what you can, every day of the week will entice every art enthusiasts’ eyes in its diverse contemporary arts from emerging artists.

For Music Lovers: Concerts

It is undeniable that majority of the people in the world loves to listen to music, it also creates a unified community of diverse people in one event. One of the largest in North America, Canadian Company Opera is a horseshoe-shaped auditorium that holds 2,000 seats.

From September to June, the place offers a free concert series in six different areas: vocal, piano, jazz, chamber and world music, even dance. The performances are usually held on Tuesdays and Thursdays, also occasionally on Wednesdays which will be the perfect place to spend your noon.

The Richard Bradshaw Amphitheater can also be an enjoyable visit especially if you are interested in watching recitals.

For Nature Geeks: Green Spaces

Toronto is known as the biggest city in Canada, but then there are also areas where you can get to visit nature if you need a fresh breath of air especially from the polluted air of the cities.

High Park is one of the city’s largest public areas and with a rustic beauty along with a lake, a fishing spot, and an area where you favorite mutt could roam around freely. Other than that, you can visit the area with your family or even with your friends for a picnic!

If you like movies, then there’s a great outdoor theater that you can go to. For those who are young or young at heart, Trinity Bellwoods Park can be your best option. The place is always filled with people who are either lying or sitting on the grass reading books, chatting, singing songs, and play board games. Public tennis courts are also available especially when you want to have a more active experience.

Toronto has a lot to offer without breaking your bank just to have fun. Come and visit the city soon!

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